EMAIL [email protected] for all appointments. Better to be safe, rather than sorry – it’s not a cliché for nothing! Book an appointment to be sure you get the time you want and so we don’t have to almost cry when we tell you we’ve no availability.
We ask you to email us for all appointments where possible. This makes sure we can keep track of everything and nothing falls through the cracks. Get us on [email protected]. If it’s super urgent (we know how a nail emergency feels) you can call us too, but be warned, we do love to talk!CANCELLATIONSYou’re busy. We’re busy.
If you can’t make it, just let us know as soon as possible so we can hook someone else up with some stun nails. If you don’t let us know, we have nothing to do for the length of your appointment and you know what idleness leads to? … hours spent in an Instagram scrolling vortex that we can totally do without.
LATEWe understand things can happen to make you late. We know it’s not your fault. We forgive you. But, if you are late for an appointment, we’ll do as much as humanly possible in your allocated time but we do have to be sound to our other customers who weren’t late too.

GROUP BOOKINGSWe tailor make events for birthdays; hen parties; stags (we’re really hoping for one of these soon!) where you can take over the nail bar, play your own music, drink your own drinks. You name it! We charge 35e pp and that covers the rental of the nail bar and a mini mani for everyone. The length of time we hand you over the nail bar depends on your numbers.

So drop us a mail and we’ll get organising!

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